Plaguepreacher is an inhuman and nihilistic black metal band from Salzburg, Austria. Old school and yet modern. Classically straight and yet varied. People who are into Black Metal will hate (love …) Plaguepreacher.

Plaguepreacher was founded in 2018 by Pandemaniac (guitars / songwriting) and Mot (drums) as an expression of utter disgust for humanity and its sick perversions. The first wave of this gruesome plague was recorded as a split tape with Voidstalker in early 2019 and released on humanity in April 2019. In order to celebrate this aversion to humanity on stage, VX (vocals) and Ahraman (bass) joined in 2019.

At the beginning of 2020 Mot and Plaguepreacher parted ways, the space behind the drums had to be filled again. A replacement was quickly found in Aeshma Daeva.

Plaguepreacher stands for hard, crushing and groove-oriented Black Metal. It doesn’t give you a chance to rest. They draw from a wide range of influences that are not exclusively limited to Black Metal. The upcoming release TERRACIDE, which means “destruction of a planet” is proof of this and means 5 tracks full of anger and contempt for humanity.

Do not expect anything other than pure and utter misanthropy, as well as 100% nihilism.

I hope that I could arouse your dislike and make you curious about the album, best listen and enjoy the pain:

The end is near, so have a nice day!