Cat.No.: GZ022
Album: Perceptional Decay

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Styrian Death Metal purists Morbid Abomination have a retrograde band history: guitarist and mastermind Ben develops an album called “Perception Decay” including lyrics. The three big themes are death, perverse mental illness and nihilism. Then singer Martin (Tortured Souls, Depraved Inclination, Reek of Death) and bassist Albert are following Ben and join the band.
Then they produce the album with Florian Plochel release it on grazil Records and meet in one room for the first time in their very young band history for the interview with grazil FM.
As young as this band is, the members have known each other for over 20 years and know how to make brutal sounds.
Death Metal in its purest form, the role models clearly come from Sweden, but you can also hear gentle sprinkles from the first two Ghost albums. These, however, are nearly wiped out by the brutality of the riffs. The album plays with perception, emotionally inhaling the audience and spitting it out soul-cleansed. An experience not to be missed!

The brilliant cover artwork has been designed by the Graz artist Dr.Winter/ Teratogen and it impressively reflects the brutality of the sound. Model: David Hehn


1. Disembodiment
2. Sensing The Grave
3. Absurd Existence
4. Vanitas
5. Orcus Of Oblivion
6. Lost
7. Contempt
8. Father Of All
9. Delusional Killing
10. Retribution
Produced, mixed and mastered by Florian Plochel
Drums produced b