Mossadeq has no Social Media presence, so I have to announce this via

Mossadeq has just finished recording and mastering of the third full length album ‘Adolf Resister’ and will release this concept album on 11-11-22.
I’m not sure how the social media- and streaming platforms will react to the unique, but already controversial cover artwork by Jörg Vogeltanz and Teratogen. It might be censored or locked for upload. My thanks at this point to CSM and AustroVinyl that these companies will nevertheless print the cover. So the album will definetly be available ‘offline’.

Mossadeq also want to thank following great people for their participation on this album:

moriz a.k.a. Tobias Hirsch (lead vocals on ‘Resister’)
Liliane Olczak (lead vocals on ‘Gloria’)
Stefan Rindler (vocals on ‘Vladimir’ and ‘Rot Adolf Rot’)
Martin Langmann (vocals on ‘Rot Adolf Rot’)
Michael Schmuck (vocals on ‘Liar King’)

The album will contain 14 tracks, the vinyl version will be separated in Side ‘Adolf’ (6 Tracks) and Side ‘Resister’ (8 Tracks).
More information and propaganda will follow over the next weeks, also infos about the album release show at the grazil Records Label Night at Explosiv Graz on 11-11-22.

Hold on!

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