Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Graz located labels Teratogen and grazil Records have conspired with the local Metal scene supporter Metal Arrogance to give birth to a magnificent baby: the long-awaited album “Asbest” by the Sludge/Hardcore/Post/Black/Death Metal combo Nekrodeus.

Founded in Graz in 2013, Nekrodeus developed from a flawless death metal band to a modern, mature and creative band with a heavier style over the years. Nekrodeus cleverly combines the most diverse hard musical styles on “Asbest” and develops a very unique, incomparable sound from them.

The album will be released on marbled vinyl, black vinyl, CD, tape and digitally on Bandcamp and the major streaming platforms. Order a copy:


1. Werther
2. Asbest
3. I Fought The Low And The Low Won
4. Lied Aus Blei
5. Lethe
6. Lifeloather
7. Eat Dirt Taste Life
8. Schwarzer Regen
9. Urne


Vocals – Stefan Rindler
Guitar – Michael Iber
Bass – Sebastian Lackner
Drums – Paul Färber

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