Catalogue Number: GZ008


Album Title: Karakorum

1. Schlachthauszukunft
2. (I am the) Harrowist // Tree of Life
3. I Dreamed of Eroding Mountain Ranges
4. From Campamento Aucanquilcha to Mponeng
5. When the World Burns I Will Be Throwing Barrels of Fuel
6. Siachengletscher // Tal der Wildrosen
7. The Puppeteers

With the Graz located band HARROWIST, founded in 2019, grazil Records finally dares to step into the Hardcore Punk division. Well thought out, fresh, raw and honest, Harrowist move on the paths of the modern hardcore punk bands like Gallows or Ceremony.
The five guys combine their passion for different types of hard and alternative music on their debut album ‘Karakorum‘, they are also active in corresponding bands from Graz (towards Blackgaze, Punk, Doom and Stoner Rock). Texts about the sublimity of our earth and the wrong ways of the people on it, which are screamed with passion, combine with fast and catchy guitar riffs and technically demanding drums.

Harrowist’s music should be experienced live as soon as possible again. The energy and passion of the five Grazers is discharged in their live performance, whereby the singer does not
shy away from contact with the audience and the interior of the locations. But it is precisely these live moments that are perfectly captured on the album ‘Karakorum’ – and that without
being a live album.
A nerve-racking arc of tension is maintained from the first to the last note. After this last note the question arises: “What, already over?”