GZ015 Mossadeq – CZECH / T 7.0 Violență Domestică – Zerfall (Vinyl)


Mossadeq – Czech / Violenţă Domestică – Zerfall Split CD 12 Tracks

Released via Grazil Records and Teratogen



1. Václav 04:31
2. The Nurse 04:18
3. Škodub 03:47
4. Knights In Shining Armor 03:24
5. The Sisters 03:33
6. Czech 03:32

Violență Domestică – Zerfall

1. Exhausted 03:51
2. Flies on a Pile of Shit 03:47
3. Worthless 03:46
4. Another broken Resolution 03:55
5. Benumbed 04:19
6. Suicide Note 03:31

Credits Mossadeq

Cle Pecher: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths
Michael Jud: Vocals and lyrics on “Knights In Shining Armor”
Nino Hutterer: Guest vocals on “The Nurse”
Nina & Julia Pecher: Vocals on “The Sisters”

Written and produced by Cle Pecher
Recorded & produced at Grazil Basement Box Studio, Graz, Austria
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, London, UK
Artwork by Dr.Winter / www.teratogen.at
(c) 2021 Grazil Records / Teratogen

MOSSADEQ digital:


Credits Violenţă Domestică

“Zerfall” (Decomposition) is a story about getting older in a diseased world without accomplishing anything valuable and wishing to end it all, told in six catchy songs with (almost) zero noise or experiments this time. The physical edition will be released as a split album with my friend Cle’s project Mossadeq.

The reason for this split album was a spontaneous idea Cle and I had while picking up the vinyl pressings of Mossadeq’s latest album “Hospital”, to which I contributed the intro and outro and also the artwork. We both have a one man music project, a small label and very similar views on many things, so we thought joining forces on a release would be a nice idea.

All secretions by Dr.Winter, 1979 – 2021, except:

Happy Cadaver: Female voice on “Exhausted”.
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios.
Proofreading by James Scott.

Violenţă Domestică digital:



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