GZ032 – Violență Domestică – Despicable (Vinyl/CD)


“Despicable” was released on June 1st 2023 (Children’s Day, celebrated in most Communist and post-Communist countries) in the following formats:

– Double vinyl (orange & red) in gatefold sleeve, limited to 200 copies (released in collaboration with grazil Records)
– CD in six panel digisleeve with 12 page booklet, limited to 300 copies (released in collaboration with grazil Records & Aesthetic Death)


Cat.No. GZ032
Artist: Violență Domestică
Album: Despicable
Style: Industrial/Metal/Experimental
Labels: Aesthetic Death, Teratogen, grazil Records


1 Born between Shit and Piss / Lowlife
2 Panic Attack
3 Wretched Failure
4 Ungrateful little Shit
5 Amphetamine
6 Yes, I know it all
7 Cravings
8 Behind the bright red Light
9 Together forever
10 Anna
11 Silky Skin, tender Meat
12 Temptation
13 Nausea
14 Holy Shit
15 Despicable Race
16 Alone in the Dark / Boom Boom
17 Vengeance is mine
18 Blutrausch
19 Yet another Stroke / The good old Days
20 Fritz
21 Safe House
22 Glittering Decay
23 Moribund
24 A humiliating End


Violență Domestică’s second full-length “Despicable” contains 24 songs with a total time of 79 minutes. The album deals with a selection of unpleasant people. Although it’s not a concept album as such, the songs are ordered from birth to death and some lyrics are loosely connected. Like the previous two releases this album again offers a wide range of electronic styles.

All secretions by Dr.Winter under the influence of porn, wine & noise, 1979 – 2023, except:

Happy Cadaver: Female voice on “Born between Shit and Piss / Lowlife”, “Behind the bright red Light”, Alone in the Dark / Boom Boom”, “Fritz” & “A humiliating End”.
Dominik Bulfon: Guitar on “Amphetamine”, “Blutrausch” & “Moribund”.

Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios.
Proofreading by James Scott.

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Vinyl, CD


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