Artist: Tears Of Fire
Album: Anatta
Cat. No.: GZ027
Style: Oriental Funeral Doom

There is in humans no permanent, underlying substance that can be called the soul. The Iranic Ritual Of Cultivation where the mind is in a tranquil and calm state, completely free of the constraints caused by ones surroundings in three marks:

Ti-Lakkhana to portrait the whole meaning of life
Anicca/Impermanence, instability, or a lack of permanence
Dukkha/dissatifaction, everything leads to suffering

Anatta/ No Soul – People can and do change in life, the sense of being a permanent, autonomous self is an illusion.

Inspired by a Heretic Iranian Love Song
Side A

1. Śivayajurmantra          01:43
2. Broken Canoe             04:18

Side B

3. Shelter Of Doom         06:08

Tears Of Fire:

Magus Faustoos Crowley: Bass Guitar
Charuk Revan: Piano, Synth, Mantra
Martin Tri Cederlund: Drums
Barbara von Bogenstreich: Chrotta

Tears Of Fire digital

Artwork: Malcolm Browne/F.Tavakoli

Recording & Mix: SAE Institute Studio Berlin
by Nathan Carlesso / Tom Talenberg
Master: Andy Schmidt

Produced in October 2022

(c) grazil Records 2022

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